About us

Olivia Slosh began her career as a tech journalist, but after receiving one too many static electricity shocks she transitioned to the arts. Her mission is to provide only the finest arts and photography news for her discerning readers. Wood, acrylic, paint, dark room chemicals, stone, clay, ink… What do these materials have in common? Olivia’s discerning gaze has turned each of them into fascinating blog posts. Plus they lack the cold dark electric potential of brushed steel with its hateful electric bite.

Her latest project is Buy Your Art Online Dot Com, a virtual guide to purchasing art works through the wonders of the information superhighway. Olivia herself is a frequent patron of art auctions, but she is trying to cut back. The potential for accidental unpleasant sensation is too high. At an art auction one might have your foot stepped on, or get a splinter from a canvas, or have someone yell in your ear. Olivia feels much more at home when she’s at home on her computer bidding for artworks. And now you can too! With this cornucopia of articles and tips you too can purchase timeless masterpieces from the comfort of your computer parlor.


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