An outdoor art festival is an amazing opportunity for artists to showcase their work, and it’s also a way for people to learn more about artisans in their area. While outdoor events are tons of fun, they require extensive planning. In this video from Lauren Jane Inspires, you can get some useful tips on festival setup.

Even though art will be the focus of your event, you’ll also have to take practical matters into consideration. The people that attend your event should have easy access to bathrooms and water.

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Renting portable toilets will allow you to provide more than enough bathrooms for everyone in attendance. It’s important to search for providers in your specific geographic location. For example, look into porta potty rental in Fredericksburg, VA if this is where your festival is taking place.

While you should provide plenty of space for artists, you should also ensure that attendees can walk from booth to booth without any problems. Leave plenty of space between booths, and create a clear path that people can follow. You may want to restrict access to your event so that you can avoid overcrowding!

Art brings people together, and a large outdoor art festival is an amazing way to celebrate local talent. Poorly planned events often result in negative experiences, so it’s best to take precautions when putting together your event. From restrooms to trash cans, ensure that your event has everything it needs.


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