Every family wants to be able to put their own artistic touch on the holiday season. An easy way to bring the holiday spirit to your home is by creating a unique Christmas centerpiece. A centerpiece can be whatever you like, so it is the perfect way to share your Christmas spirit with the people you love.

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Start with a base. The base can be a pot, a vase, a wreath, or really anything that allows you the opportunity to add things to it. The best centerpieces have bases that have some flair. One way you can improve the base of the piece is by adding some tree bark to it. This will give the piece a more rustic look, in addition, to highlighting one of the biggest Christmas traditions, the tree.

Ornaments are another common addition to the centerpiece. Try to pick ornaments that match the color of the tablecloth, or colors that pop against the color of the tablecloth, to bring the whole look together.

Candles or lights can help draw attention to the Christmas centerpiece. Be mindful however, because when using flames make sure nothing in the centerpiece is flammable.

For additional Christmas centerpiece tips, please review the attached video.


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