The Importance Of Regular Play

It is hugely important for children to play on a regular basis, active and physical play that stimulates their minds as well as their bodies. Regular play is pretty much the most important thing for your child to do, as it is how their bodies and brains develop. In fact, the development of gross motor skills comes directly from regular play, and those children who do not regularly move their bodies and get active within the first six years of their life will likely never have the ability to develop those skills, thus significantly limiting their potential brain power.

Playgrounds are the perfect place for children to play, from a kids indoor play structure to outdoor playground equipment. For those that live in climates with cold (and often brutal) winters, a kids indoor play structure with indoor playground equip

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Why Halloween Is Truly for Everybody

Space cadet costume

After the Labor Day weekend comes to a close and the last quarter of the year rolls around, we know we are about to run through a string of holidays that will bring some people together and alienate others. One group will celebrate a holiday while another group will know nothing about the importance of it.

No matter who you are in America, however, there is no reason you can’t celebrate the day where everyone is welcome to express themselves and have fun being someone else. That day, of course, is Halloween!

Halloween was brought to the United States during the 1800s by immigrants from Scotland and Ireland. Their ancestors celebrated a pagan holiday called Samhain over 2,000 years ago.

In modern-day America, what was spawned from a pagan festival has grown into a time when, once

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