Finding the Good in a World of Bad

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A lot of the media coverage lately has been negative. There has been negative coverage leading up to the recent US election. Following the election, there were even more negative stories. It seems that any time you turn on the television, you are met with a variety of crimes, disasters, and country issues. Watching too many hours of these negative stories on the news channels can actually have a depressing effect on your mood. Although awareness of what is going on in the world is important, it is also important to balance it out with positive news stories.

Change up the TV stations that you watch.

Some TV stations, such as the news channels, consistently portray negative news. All of this negativity can make you feel like there is no good in the world. Changing up your TV news stations can impro

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The Three Essential Tools Every Professional Photographer Needs

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Professional photographers do remarkable jobs — they cover everything from parties to political events to important natural occurrences. They capture movement too fast to see with the naked eye and preserve moments in time forever.

Most of the time, these amazing artists and auteurs of our world don’t need much, but profession photographers do need some things! Check out this list of essentials for photographers who make their living with their craft:

This is, of course, the foundation upon which every photographer builds their practice. Many have several cameras and lenses, each used for a different purpose or for different situations, but really, a photographer only needs one. Professional photographers usually use high-grade digital cameras in order to accommodate

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