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Puzzles and the Impact They Have Left on Our World

Brainteaser games have been around for many years. The truth is, many people love a challenge, which is why puzzles continue to be a popular game among many. They also make fun family games that families can play together as they sit and find the correct pieces and put them together to make a wonderful picture, in that “aha!” moment that speaks to them.

From sports puzzles to hard puzzles and easy puzzles, a family can come together and attempt to figure out which piece goes where and follow a pattern that will challenge their minds. The oldest known puzzle in history dates all the way back to 250BC and is the dissection of a square that Archimedes mentioned in some of his early writings. However, problem solving itself dates all the way back to the first existence of historical humans. What happened when humans invented the wheel and fire? The first time that any invention came to be that we still use to this day, problem solving was used. Some people are good at puzzles today a

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