Family adventure

Many people love taking vacation. At least 37% of people say they think taking vacations with their families is a good thing to do. They say taking these vacations make them happy and that these are some of the most enjoyable activities they participate in. The problem is that while they enjoy these vacation, many find planning them to be very stressful. At least 74% of women tell people they find this planning process to be stressful. Despite this, more and more families are taking trips together. In 2015, nearly 87% of all families took a vacation together. That is a 5% increase from 2010. From finding the right family attractions to budgeting for souvenirs, there are things you can do to make the experience better.

  1. Start the process early. Involve everyone in the family in the process of planning your family vacation. Start by looking up family attractions online. There are a lot of options for indoor and outdoor family adventures and you may be surprised by what your kids are interested in doing. There are also a lot of deals and coupons that you can find online for many popular family attractions such as theme parks, water parks and other places that offer fun for the family.
  2. Talk to your kids about your budget. You can have a great vacation and teach your kids about money management. You can have a great vacation and not have to go through all of your savings. There are a lot of family attractions and activities and fun things to do that do not cost a ton. If you talk to your kids about what you are looking to do, they can help and will learn about how to have fun while not spending a lot of money.
  3. Find lodging with a kitchen. If you are planning a vacation where you will need accommodations, you may want to look into vacation condo rentals that offer a lot of space and many of the amenities that you have at home such as a full kitchen and laundry facility. There are also hotels that have kitchens in the room so you can make some of your meals there rather than going out for every meal. If you do not have a kitchen, find a hotel that provides breakfast. There are still ways to save money on vacation with your family.
  4. Plan for souvenirs. It can be really fun to buy some souvenirs when you are on a family vacation. They are good ways to remember your time at all of the family attractions you visit with your family, When you are planning the trip think about where you are going and what kinds of souvenirs you will want. Post cards, pins and stickers can be fun and very inexpensive. One fun project is to have your kids collect post cards from all the places you go and all of your family fun adventures..
  5. Take reusable water bottles. New research has shown that drinking out of water bottles is not great for your health and adds to landfills. Bring some reusable bottles to fill with your own water. You can buy powders to flavor the water with a large variety of yummy flavors. This will save your money, decrease your carbon footprint and will be healthier for everyone.
  6. Rent a car. You can plan a lot of your activities on your own schedule if you have a way to get around the place you are visiting. If you belong to the auto club or some other organization, you may be able to get a discount. If you are staying at a hotel, there may be a deal they have with local car rental places. Ask about that.
  7. Look for specials on the local family attractions. When you are looking for where you are going to go, look at package deals with parks, hotels and car rental businesses. If you are going during the off season, you may find bundles like that.

Taking family vacations can be a lot of fun for everyone on the trip. Be careful with your planning and your trip will be really fun without breaking the bank.

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