Daily Archives October 2, 2018

Which Are The Recommended Medical Marijuana Bags?

Medical marijuana is an effective way to control different diseases including cancer, chronic pains, anxiety and many others. While it’s allowed in most states for medical use custom cannabis packaging is important. Even though WHO does not regulate the packaging of marijuana, they do have the recommended packaging materials that must be used by manufacturers. The cannabis bags must be child-resistance and also safe enough to keep the medical cannabis in good condition.

In California State, medical marijuana is legal and the packaging laws have also been established. In this state medical marijuana can be sold for both medical and recreational uses. While the law does not strictly require tamper-evident packaging, most of the cannabis bags come in sealed mylar bands and pop top bottles that have to shrink plastic bands.

Bag labels are not allowed especially those that attract attention. But it is easy since medical cannabis is only available to those approved by medical doc

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