Medical marijuana is an effective way to control different diseases including cancer, chronic pains, anxiety and many others. While it’s allowed in most states for medical use custom cannabis packaging is important. Even though WHO does not regulate the packaging of marijuana, they do have the recommended packaging materials that must be used by manufacturers. The cannabis bags must be child-resistance and also safe enough to keep the medical cannabis in good condition.

In California State, medical marijuana is legal and the packaging laws have also been established. In this state medical marijuana can be sold for both medical and recreational uses. While the law does not strictly require tamper-evident packaging, most of the cannabis bags come in sealed mylar bands and pop top bottles that have to shrink plastic bands.

Bag labels are not allowed especially those that attract attention. But it is easy since medical cannabis is only available to those approved by medical doctors. Companies have to avoid using any custom cannabis packaging that can be appealing to kids and they must indicate on the packaging that the substance inside is controlled and not for use by everybody.

On the marijuana bags, there must be text like the one found on prescription drugs to warn users of possible effects. Instructions on how to take should also be clear. Besides, the manufacturing date and the source are required.

The law also requires medical marijuana bags to have clear statements warning about the following:

• A warning advising the medical cannabis user to keep it away from children.
• The cannabis bags should clearly say it’s for medical use only
• The must also be warning that the product has intoxicating effects that can last for two hours and above.
• Users must see on the label that it’s not advisable to drive or operate machinery after consuming the marijuana.
• If the medical marijuana bags contain dried flowers, the weight should be written on it.
• A warning that it should not be used with allergens such as nuts.
• All ingredients must be stated.
• Clear indications to let users know that it’s medical cannabis.

Medical marijuana bags in California must be efficient. Though avoid creating a complex packaging design. Find something that good enough to keep the medical cannabis from contamination or spilling.

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