Daily Archives November 28, 2018

How to display your favorite photographs without harming them

When you go to any sort of art show you always find these beautiful photographs and drawings displayed for all to see. Once you get home from the art show do you ever find yourself wondering how exactly they keep the artwork so nice even when it’s up for week and months at a time? Isn’t it fairly often when you take photographs out of their frames you find that they’ve started to bend and tatter at their edges rather than staying as straight and perfect as they once did? Perhaps if you’re one of those people who have trouble with your imagines beginning to turn or crumbling within your hands you should be looking for ways in which to preserve your precious photographs. Well, here are a couple of the tips to taking care of your important items.

Pay close detail to your paper

It may seem silly at first, to hear that your paper should be one of the things that matters the most when it comes to displaying your images, but the truth is the paper you choose matters a great dea

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