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Knowing What to Do With Latex and Foil Balloons

When people think of party decorations, they’re going to think of colorful paper plates, streamers, and of course, balloons. The idea of balloons is in fact older than some people realize, and modern balloons come in all kinds of materials and shapes for any event. Some are heart shaped latex balloons for Valentine’s Day, for example, and foil balloons can be cut into different shapes and can have images printed on them. These heart shaped latex balloons and regular latex balloons can be filled with either helium or air, and for different reasons. What should a customer keep in mind when they buy some heart shaped latex balloons or foil balloons from a party supply store?

All About Latex Balloons

These are often what people think of as “regular” balloons, being teardrop shaped and easy to afford. The idea of these balloons dates back nearly 200 years to 1824, when professor Mich

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