Search engine ranking

Google rankings should matter to you as a business executive. If you are not making use of internet marketing strategies, search engine optimization, SEO news resources and Seo reporting methods, then it is time to step up your game as a business professional. There are not a lot of companies in the modern market that are able to drive without making use of search engines such as Google in a business capacity. If you are not familiar with how to make use of the search engine in a business capacity, be sure to reach out to a professional that can help you learn more about search engine optimization and improve the web presence your company enjoys. More customers will come to your business and help you drive profits through a period of growth than traditional marketing will allow. It is also possible to keep overhead to a minimum when you make use of Google strategies that include search engine optimization best practices, social media best practices and more.

Facts about Google include that the first doodle, or the design that shows up on the front page, was shown in 1998, and it depicted the Burning Man, a clever way of letting the other people at the company know that founders of the search engine were at the infamous festival in Nevada at the time. The first tweet from this leading search engine was binary for its random search tool, which says the words “I’m feeling lucky” and is located on a button next to the regular search option.

For as much fun as Google has with its services, is also a very serious organization. The use of the search engine and others like it have seen inbound leads lower the cost of marketing by 61 percent in comparison to the cost of outbound marketing tools, which include cold calling and emailing. Permissive marketing is much more effective, and with almost 90 percent of American internet users over the age of 14 using search engines these days, it is important to recognize that they rely on the web to research products before they purchase. There are about 40 percent of users among that number that end up using social media to find out more about a good or service before they make a purchase. There are also about 70 million users in 2012 that use their mobile devices to facilitate shopping when they are on the go.

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