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Did you know that about two million weddings take place in the U.S. every year? If you are planning a wedding, you know how much work goes into the process. The average couple, in fact, spend 18 months planning the whole event out. An important part of the event is the reception that takes place after the ceremony, and there are several items you will need for the occasion. Here are three easy tips for having an affordable, beautiful, and less stressful wedding reception.

1. Plan a Color Scheme

If you want to reduce planning stress, color schemes, though seemingly complicated, will actually simplify the planning process. Instead of looking at every possible flower color for a centerpiece, for example, you would only be looking for red and turquoise options. Instead of checking out every possible tablecloth, you know that a dark red will look best. Keep the elements of the season in mind. A good combination for late summer? Orange and green. Early winter? Silver and gold.

2. Table Linen Rentals

Did you know that the state with the most casual weddings is Hawaii, while the state with the most formal weddings is New Jersey? Table linen is usually present at either type, and picking the right linen is important since it frames everything from the plates to the chairs, and will be prominent in any photos people take of the reception. Table linen rentals can come in eye catching patterns or in solid colors, and have different skirt lengths, sizes and shapes. White linen is the most traditional and common choice, but not something people need to feel limited to.

3. Party Tent Rentals

Did you know that the average number of guests that attend a wedding is 138? You will probably need a tent for your wedding reception. Tents help to create a festive atmosphere, while also shielding people and food from elements such as rain or sun. Wedding tent rentals can be supported by pulls or frames, come with or without flooring, have sidings, and more. Tents come in a variety of sizes and heights so that you can customize them to the needs of your party.

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