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Is there any merit to Elvis sightings? Does evidence suggest that the King of Rock and Roll is still alive? Many people, some who have even rallied and formed organizations dedicated to finding the King, say yes. Elvis’ family debunks rumors, and — more than three decades later — fans continue to celebrate Elvis Presley’s life, music, and career.

Why Fans Believe Elvis is Alive: Debunking Rumors

Fans hold onto inconsistencies to substantiate claims that Elvis lives. The most controversial include circumstances surrounding Elvis’ death. The medical examiner who performed Elvis’ autopsy listed cardiac arrhythmia as the cause of death, according to About.com. About Memphis reports that Vernon Presley campaigned to seal his son’s autopsy report for up to 50 years. Experts suggest Elvis Presley’s father wished to preserve the rock star’s privacy and untainted legacy. Conspiracy theorists believe that these discrepancies suggest Elvis may be alive.

Elvis’ living family, including daughter Lisa Marie and ex-wife Priscilla, quashed rumors again and again. Lisa Marie Presley attended a vigil at Graceland for the first time last year, on the 35th anniversary of Elvis’ death. Lisa Marie addressed fans at her father’s vigil: “I’ve always avoided this because I felt that it would be too emotional, But I really felt it was important to come down here tonight. I love you very, very, very much.”

Although fans continue to cling onto hope that the King lives — and often with love, admiration, and good intentions — others gather to joyously celebrate Elvis Presley’s life.

Fans Honor and Celebrate Elvis’ Life

Just a few weeks ago on January 8, fans, television personalities, and celebrates gathered at Graceland to celebrate Elvis’ birthday, remember his music, and eat cake. Similarly, nostalgic fans can head out to Hawaii, where locals continually pay vigil to Elvis’ world-famous live performance in Hawaii (Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii). Hawaiians host authentic Elvis shows, celebrating Elvis’ music and life, without mimicking or dressing like the King.

Instead of harping over the details of his death, fans ought to join in the boyant celebrations of Elvis’ life. Fans can tour Graceland, visit Memphis on special occasions, or even remember the King while vacationing in Hawaii.

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