Dole plantation tour

Everyone knows that Hawaii can be a warm and tropical vacation spot for families, couples, and even individuals. Many people go to Hawaii to enjoy the pristine beaches and golf courses while making use of the resorts. The center of this vacation industry is Oahu, which is the third largest of the Hawaiian islands. Despite many, many visitors each year visiting Hawaii, not many take advantage of the historical, educational, and alternative destinations Hawaii has to offer. These include the opportunity to tour Pearl Harbor, going on a Dole Plantation tour, and going on cycling tours, as well as other group tours.

1. One of the most overlooked activities on the islands is the chance to tour Pearl Harbor. Bringing your family to tour Pearl Harbor can be an eye opening and informational experience. The Peal harbor tour is based around the monument at the USS Arizona. The sunken USS Arizona was approved as a monument in 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Seeing the USS Arizona is a must-do when you tour Pearl Harbor. The memorial at the USS Arizona sits on the sunken boat and is 184 feet long with multiple rooms and areas. It can be a eye-opening experience that will teach you about one of the deadliest days in American naval history.

2. A great way to see the Pearl Harbor area is to take a cycling tour. This will allow you to see the surrounding area, while experiencing the beautiful Hawaiian climate and getting exercise at the same time. Pearl Harbor was called Wai Nomi, which was Hawaiian for “Pearl Water,” and was originally settled because it was a deep embayment. It can be a beautiful area to experience on bicycle with many different sights to see.

3. Another great attraction to visit is the Dole Plantation. The Dole Plantation is a great way to see and learn about the agricultural history of Hawaii. Hawaii produces a lot of pineapples and other fruit and the Dole Plantation allows tourists to learn about this industry. It can be a very educational experience. Taking the opportunity to tour Pearl Harbor, take a cycling tour, and see the Dole Plantation can be a great trip for your family. Make sure you get to Hawaii and tour Pearl Harbor. More on this.

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