Acapella recording studio

Despite the wealth of home audio equipment and recording software available today, industry professionals, music and video producers, advertisers, and aspiring amateur musicians still consider the top music recording studios as the only source for high-quality, professional-level audio production. Regardless of the type of project at hand, only the best-equipped music recording studios can offer the resources necessary to create pristine audio productions suitable for commercial use.

Since electrical recording first started to gain traction during the 1930s, each ensuing decade welcomed cutting-edge advances in audio and video production. Such inventions as reel-to-reel tape recorders, multi-track recording, soundproof studios, condenser microphones, and analog studio effects are but a small sampling of the music production equipment that revolutionized the recording of audio and video during the latter half of the 20th century.

By the 1980s, professional music recording studios began moving away from analog recording, and opting for the clarity of hiss-free digital recordings. While analog “purists” felt that digital recording lacked depth — some going to great lengths to stick with analog methods — it wasn’t long before ever modern music recording studio went digital. At the same time, the digital recording revolution led to the development of relatively inexpensive home recording gear that was a boon for starving musicians.

Despite the wide-availability of affordable recording tools, producing a music video or audio recording that is fit for commercial use still requires professional-grade equipment in a state-of-the-art setting. While it is possible to create polished recordings at home, the fact is that amateur production via equipment designed for amateurs is fine for demos, but such productions usually contain flaws.

While it is nice to have the technology to get creative at home, music records that are produced and mixing down in a living room are far from being on par than those created in a professional music recording studio. After all, you will never hear a dog barking or neighbor screaming in the background of a well-designed professional recording studio. Research more here.

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