american historyChildren can get quite restless when they’re stuck in a classroom all day reading textbooks. That may not always be the best way to teach children, so how do you shake things up to keep them invested in the curriculum? One great way to get them interested, especially in the cases of English or American history, is by taking them to see a play.

Seeing a play has been proven to boost the knowledge of a subject — in fact, one study showed that kids improved their knowledge of plays by 63% by seeing them live. It can bleed into other subjects as well. Seeing a reenactment of a certain historical time period or event can increase a child’s knowledge of that time or event.

A great example of a historical play that could improve knowledge isĀ The Lost Colony. It is a play that was written and is performed in order to commemorate the lost colonists. As the second longest running outdoor drama in America, it has become a cultural focal point in the Outer Banks. It teaches American history in a way that will help not only children, but adults, understand and sympathize with the situation.

A bonus of the Lost Colony play and the other available entertainment is that it peaks childrens’ interest. About 45% of Americans believe that ghosts exist and can come back to certain places in some situations. After a visit here, a ghost story or two may have children reading into American history on their own.

A play gives children something visual to attach to the knowledge they already have. The difference in presentation will make whatever the content of the play is stick in their minds. So they can learn while also being entertained and having a great experience!

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