Casino theme party

About 40 million people play poker on a regular basis making a casino theme party ideal for your next event. Whether it is a corporate event, birthday party, or a fundraiser, a casino party is something adults of all generations will enjoy. From decorations to food, the following are some tips to help you throw an amazing casino theme party.

Decorations are going to be the first thing people notice when they walk into your casino theme party. The biggest theme options to consider are “1920s Speakeasy” and “Las Vegas.” The 1920s Speakeasy is more of a vintage theme. Think “The Great Gatsby” meets the casino. Have your girl friends dress up in flapper dresses and the men wear dapper suits. For party favors, you could handout feather boas to party goers and use tea light candles for a centerpiece.

For a “Las Vegas” theme party, have guests dress up as if they were going out for a night on the town in Vegas. To create a Vegas atmosphere, add neon lights, flashing signs, and place casino themed decorations around the room. The final touch will be a casino themed dessert. This can be a cake decorated with cards, for example a blackjack or a poker hand.

Every casino night party needs dealers, so get some friends or hire some people to deal cards for you. By hiring help, you will be able to enjoy the night along with everyone else. The most player friendly casino game is blackjack. This is because it is famous for its low edge, which is 0.5% so make sure to set up enough blackjack tables to ensure everyone gets a chance to play. It is also one of the easiest games to learn so if your guests have not been to a casino lately, they will still be able to have fun playing blackjack.

As with any party, food should be a large part of the event. With a casino theme party, you can choose any type of cuisine. From American to Sushi, your guests will be delighted with anything you pick. One thing that will make it easier for guests to eat as they play is to serve finger food. Make the food small servings that can be eaten in a single bite. This way, the guests can mingle and still fill their stomachs.

Over 10 million people have played poker in a casino last year, so a casino theme party is the perfect way to bring everyone together. A group casino party is fun to plan, from the decorations to the games to the food, everyone will have a great time from beginning to end.

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