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It’s becoming more and more convenient and comfortable for people to simply stay home and be entertained instead of going out to movie theaters and concerts. With the recent downturn in the economy, consumers searched for creative, inexpensive options to see movies, watch concerts, and stream TV shows or music. Advances in technology helped make that possible, with TV streamers breaking onto the scene, free music streaming services launching their products, and better home entertainment services available for purchase in stores. For example, there are over 64 million subscribers to Netflix and around 4 million people who subscribe to Hulu. Some people have even gone take home entertainment services to the next level by getting a home theatre! If you enjoy watching movies and TV shows in the comfort of your own home and spend many hours a day doing so, a home theater might be a great upgrade for you to think about making!
The Rise of the Couch Potato
Ever since the rise of television, people have been concerned about the effects of too much television. Some experts warned that children’s minds would become less active and that staring at a screen would have negative impacts on brain function over a long period of time. However, almost 100% of all households have at least one TV and the average number of TVs that a person has in their home is around 2.24. With the rise of TV streaming services, it’s become even easier to sit in front of your television and watch movies or TV shows for hours on end.
Indeed, almost 60% of people would rather watch a movie at home. It’s cheaper than going to a movie theater and with a small monthly subscription, you can watch as many shows or movies as you want! The term “binge watching” has become popular in recent years; almost 75% of users said it referred to watching between 2-6 episodes of a TV show at once. Additionally, almost 75% of users had positive feelings about doing so! They claim that doing so creates a needed refuge from their hectic lives — a chance to slow down, so to speak. And almost 80% said that watching multiple episodes at once made the shows more enjoyable for them. It can also be a social thing — while almost 40% of people like to binge watch solo, over 50% would rather do it with someone else.
What Is a Home Theater?
A home theater is a kind of home entertainment services. It uses elements like televisions or special video equipment to replicate the feeling of being in an actual movie theater, but from the comfort of your own home. Very fancy ones may even get special theater seating and lights. Good speakers and a big screen are very common elements as well. Of utmost importance are good sound quality, high quality resolution, and a big screen for optimal viewing experience.
Why Should I Consider Home Theater Installation?
Thinking about a home theater system may seem ludicrous to many people, but if you have the money and are a serious movie buff, it could really transform your whole movie watching experience. It also can make for great previews and is a fun addition to your home for friends and family alike! It will certainly add value to your home as a unique aspect that not many people have!
If you’re worried about the cost of what seems like extravagant home entertainment services, don’t be too alarmed — there are ways to make your home theater system more low budget, but still better than the average TV watching experience. It all depends on what you want to prioritize, what your budget looks like, and how much space you have. There are many helpful guides online that can offer suggestions of what to purchase, what’s really important, and how to make the perfect home entertainment system for yourself.
The next time you binge watch, consider splurging on a better home entertainment system for the ultimate movie or TV watching experience! You’ll never go back once you do!

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