Xs club las vegas

When was the last time you did something new in Las Vegas? A recent study found 70% of respondents visited the same restaurants and bars night after night after night. In a place as packed with venues as Las Vegas, running a repeat performance of what you did last year or even last night is just depressing. It’s high time to revamp your Vegas play list. To help you pick your next lineup, here are four top contenders for night and day:

  • Surrender

    Did you know over a quarter of all U.S. nightlife events were electronic dance music (EDM) related? Whether you’re already an EDM devotee or have yet to experience it, you can’t go wrong with Surrender Las Vegas tickets. Known for showcasing the best EDM has to offer, the Surrender lineup includes all the biggest names in town – – or the world, for that matter.

    Around the corner from XS, in the Wynn Encore casino and resort, Surrender boasts not only dancing galore and an indoor DJ (April showers, you know?), but also an outdoor pool. There’s even poolside gambling for when your feet get tired or you need to refill your wallet after a few more than a few drinks. Surrender is open for operation Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:30 pm and on. Wednesdays are locals night so prepare for a raucous crowd if you buy Surrender tickets on hump day.
  • XS Las Vegas

    We can’t mention Las Vegas and Wynn Encore without also bringing up Wynn’s premier nightclug, XS. The XS club Las Vegas ranks among the most expensive nightclubs ever built. Once you behold the gold plating everywhere, you’ll see why. The XS lineup, like Surrender, boasts some of the biggest names in the world. Whatever night you choose, be it Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or even Monday, you can’t go wrong with XS tickets.
  • Light

    Located in Mandalay Bay, Light Las Vegas is not your average nightclub. Think EDM and a show. The Light nightclub features acrobatic performances from the coolest circus tricksters known to man. They’ll dangle from the ceiling all night long. If you’re worried you won’t be able to get close enough to see, don’t be: that’s what the giant LED screen behind the DJ is for. While you’re getting your Surrender Las Vegas tickets, take a perusal of the Light Las Vegas events lineup to see what we’re talking about. They’ve also got a day club aptly named Daylight, which reminds us: Have you been to Encore yet?
  • Encore

    Back to Wynn we go. If you’re awake before the sun goes down and not too hungover to leave the suite, pop on over to the Encore beach club. It wasn’t rated Las Vegas Day Club of the year for nothing. Each of its 26 cabanas comes equipped with a refrigerator, flat screen, and daybed. Or step it up a notch with one of the eight bungalows that come complete with private bathrooms, infinity pools, and a view overlooking the Strip from a private balcony.

    The beach club is open Friday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., so you have plenty of time to soak it up. Before or after you make use of those Surrender Las Vegas tickets, you might want to have your ticket agency snag you a day trip to the Encore day club.

Concerts were the place to be last year, with record gross sales of the Top 100 Tours at $3.12 billion from 42.08 million tickets sold in North America alone. This year, it’s all about changing it up. In Las Vegas, that means not falling into the same old nightclub routine. Mix it up with Surrender Las Vegas tickets followed by a night at the XS nightclub, then a circus show at Light. And in between, you have to recline in luxury at Encore because it simply wouldn’t be civilized to do anything less. What are you waiting for? Your Vegas trip won’t plan itself.

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