Photo editing service for photographer

Can professional photo styling services help you become more productive and more creative? If it’s a service that offers professional photo editing by vetted and trained photographers, the answer is yes. Photography editing services can take over all the routine, repetitive, time-consuming work of photo cropping, culling and editing, thereby freeing you up for more creative work. By selecting your best work and preparing it for publication, professional photo styling services can present your work in the best light. In a highly competitive field, that may just be the competitive edge you need.

How does it work?
With seamless Dropbox and Adobe Lightroom integration, it’s easy to send your work to the professional photo styling services. They will do all the work of post-production editing: picking the best pictures, cropping, retouching, and even uploading the files for publication. You get highly qualified photographers helping you to put the finishing touches on your work, while freeing you up to focus on your creative work and branding strategies.
As a profession, photography is moving away from full-time work towards freelancing. This means less support for photographers, who have to do all the creative work as well as post-production themselves. With professional photo styling services, you gain the professional support you need to succeed.

Will it change my creative vision?
Your virtual photography assistants will work with you to understand your style and duplicate it. They are trained to understand your vision and the photo styling process will not change it in any way. It will only take on the work of preparing your photographs for publication.
Photo editing services offer the following:

  • Photo retouching
  • Photo color correction
  • Photo culling
  • Album design
  • Restoration
  • Background removal
  • Clipping paths

Do I need professional photo styling services?
If you work for certain types of businesses, such as ecommerce, real estate, online advertising or publishing which deal in a high volume of photographs, professional photo styling services can help you to streamline and improve your workflow. These businesses rely on high quality professional photographs to sell products or homes.
Online advertising for instance is worth $149 billion annually, and relies heavily on professional photographs which have a strong creative element as well. Wedding photography, too, is very demanding work, generating a large number of photographs which must be culled and edited before being presented to the client. With virtual assistants who are trained photographers themselves, you can put your best work forward.

With over 41.44 million photographers in the U.S. as of Spring 2015, the profession is highly competitive. Add to this the fact that employment for professional photographers is projected to grow at a slower rate than other professions, expanding by only 3% over the ten years from 2014 to 2024. All of this means that you need help to make your work stand out. Professional photo editing services can give you support you need to succeed.

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