Casino night ideas

Finding the right theme for your next office party can leave you feeling confused. There are so many different themes, you want to select the right one. One office party theme that has remained popular for years is a casino night. Offering a large amount of fun, without the worry of spending your own hard earned cash, a casino party could be just what your office needs! Best of all, you won’t have to walk through a crowded and smoke-filled casino environment that is full of strangers. Celebrate your hard working office team with a casino party, hosted in a controlled location by a friendly team of professionals. There are many party planning ideas you can make a reality at your next office party, here are a few great additions. Over 36.7 million people make the trip to Las Vegas every year, why not have a safer office-based casino night? Party planning ideas can be hit or miss, choose a casino night for a surefire winning idea.

  1. Blackjack – Blackjack is a card game that has players playing against the house, or a dealer. In order to win this card game, either the player or dealer must have their cards reach a face value of 21. Blackjack is one of the easier casino games for beginners to understand. Including a blackjack table at your next office casino night allows new players to warm up to a more simple game. Don’t worry if you know nothing about how to play blackjack, a party planning company will have staff that is available to instruct all new players. Another reason that blackjack has become popular at casino themed office parties is because it a game where the player has a higher probability of winning. Statistics concerning the game of blackjack are that the dealer will win about 48% of all hands, while the player will win about 44% of all hands.
  2. Poker – One of the most popular casino games ever, poker is a welcome addition to any casino themed office party. In this game, players are all seated together and must have a better hand of cards than the competition. Poker isn’t as simple to understand as blackjack but a casino party company will be able to walk you through how to properly play this game. In no time, you will be ready to sit at the poker table and feel confident in your ability to play more than a few hands. Statistics show that about 40 million people are regular poker players, it’s likely a few of them are in your office. Setting up a poker table at your next casino party will be a surefire hit for your staff.
  3. Roulette – For those in your office that do not enjoy card games, consider having a roulette table included in your office party package. Roulette is a game that involves a lot of luck but doesn’t require much teaching, making it accessible to a wide number of players. The rules of roulette are fairly simple, you pick either a number, color, or combination and try to predict where the roulette ball will end up. Since roulette is widely seen as a game of chance, not having to spend your actual money adds more fun and less stress to this popular casino game. Party planning ideas for a casino-themed party should always include a roulette table on that list.

In closing, there are many tables that you can include at your next casino night. Blackjack is a great game to include because of how easy it is for new and advanced players to pick up. In addition, blackjack offers one of the lower edges at 0.5%, which makes it one of the most player-friendly casino tables to have around. Poker is one of, if not, the most popular casino game of all-time. Many office staff members will be delighted to play poker, using none of their money, in the safety of an office environment. Great for team building, morale boosting, and a way to reward your staff, planning a casino night fundraiser as one of your next party planning ideas will be a big hit.

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