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Got any plans for the summer? The hot weather and free time offers plenty of great opportunities to enjoy time with your friends and family. You can go swimming, throw together a fun camping weekend or head downtown to grab something indulgent to eat. Why not add some entertainment to the list? Picking up a concert tickets no service fee package for a friend or family member can be a smart gift that packs a punch, letting you kill two birds with one stone as you enjoy yourself while catching the latest in music and sports. Check out the ideas below if you’re not sure whether or not to get no fee sports tickets or a concert tickets no service fee package.

Did You Know?

Sports and concerts are invigorating social events that draw in hundreds of thousands of people on a regular basis. Not only is it a wonderful way to enjoy the warm weather, it can be an even more thorough social activity by connecting people all across the country. Even the world! Studies have shown at least 80% of sports fan admitting to checking their social networks while watching live games, with a StubHub report finding 70% of American Millennials saying live-tweeting is one of the most fun aspects of a concert or stadium. What does this mean for you and any concert tickets no service fee packages you can get?

The Padres

Starting off the list with The Padres, cheap Padres tickets can be just what you’re looking for if you want a good time. The Padres had their very first game all the way back in San Diego stadium in April of 1969, seeing an impressive 23,000 first-time fans attending. They proceeded to beat the Houston Astros 2-1 and proceeded to set some impressive records even today. The Padres have won the National League pennat twice, first in 1984 and again in 1998. Worried about quality? The Padres will have you covered.

The Dodgers

Perhaps you’re a Dodgers fan and you want to have someone to share a fun afternoon with you. The Los Angeles Dodgers have remained the best supported team for a solid third year, welcoming a stunning three million fans back in 2014. What does that mean for what you can expect? Statistics have shown that’s nearly 47,000 visitors per game! Dodger tickets for sale are a solid choice for just about any fan, with many on ticket sites with no fees. Sports tickets websites may see a lot of traffic, but that’s no reason to miss out on all the fun!

Do Something Fun This Summer

When you ask, “Should I buy Angels tickets?” or “Is it worth stumping up enough green for Padres tickets for sale?”, you’re already halfway on your way to some timeless memories. There’s more than enough fun to go around and, this summer, you should take the opportunity to see how your favorite teams or musicians are doing. Remember that every ticket website will have its own rules regarding protocol, with some able to be printed off and others requiring fees. Some, however, offer no fees whatsoever. No matter how you want to spend your summer, make sure you spend it right.

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