Electric off road skateboard

In the United States, a study was recently conducted amongst normal citizens which asked whether or not they skateboard in their free time. This study yielded results that just about 11 million people reported that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. This is because in the United States, skateboarding is incredibly popular and this has been so for quite some time.

Skateboarding originated on the West Coast in the United States, in places like California. It took some time for skateboarding as an activity to grow, and it took even longer for it to be recognized as an actual sport. A lot of people still do not recognize it as a sport even though events like the X-Games have grown in popularity and are now even broadcasted on live national television.

Skateboarding has now created a culture around itself that involves music, clothing, and even the way people talk. Understand that right now, there are more than 500 skateboard parks that have been built and sustained throughout the United States. Now, technology has even dripped into the world of skateboarding and there have been motorized longboards and the construction of an electric off road skateboard.

An electric powered skateboard sounds pretty crazy, but it is something that is real. These types of motorized skateboards are often used as a mode of transportation as an alternative to using a bike or a regular longboard. They are pretty popular amongst college students because it is an easy way to get around. There are some important facts about using an electric off road skateboard, and here are all of those facts.

While some people like to use an electric off road skateboard, they have not yet taken off in the world of skateboarding just yet. However, some experts in the field truly believe that the electric off road skateboard is going to take off pretty soon and will be a smash hit on the market for people that like to ride on skateboards. So if you are going to buy an electric off road skateboard for someone that you love, you will be getting in on the next big trend.

Right now, more than 77% of all skateboarders will prefer to spend their money shopping with small specialty brands that are local to their area as opposed to the top mainstream brands that are on the market. This is one reason why the electric off road skateboard has yet to rise to popularity.

Just about half of all the money made from the skateboarding market in the world comes directly from the United States. This means that the United States will annually comprise just about 50% of all sales for skateboarding. So if there is a country that will take the electric off road skateboard to the next level, it will be the United States.

Right now, just about 3% of all sales in the world of skateboarding comes from sporting goods stores. This means that if the electric off road skateboard is going to take off it will have to come from these types of stores as opposed to local skate shops.

Anyone that considers themselves to be a core skater is going to be someone that skates more than 26 times each year. However, a casual skater is someone who skates 25 times per year or less. It is important to note that there is not a huge difference between casual skaters and core skaters.

Out of all the skaters in the United States, 77% are male and 83% of all core skaters are male. Out of all the skaters in teh United States, 24% are female and 16% of all core skaters are female as well. The highest recorded Ollie, the most popular skateboarding trick, was recorded at 45 inches.

In Conclusion

Skateboarding is as popular as it has ever been throughout the world and especially in the United States. Over the next ten years, there is such a strong possibility that the electric off road skateboard will become on the of the hottest trends and items to own. This is because people are getting into more and more unconventional types of skateboarding like longboarding and riding skateboards down large hills.

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