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It is one of the coldest days of winter so far, but you and your daughter and soon-to-be-husband are talking about summer.
And tents.
And weddings.
You already have the locations reserved and you are now working on the details. From figuring out the seating options that are available inside to planning an outdoor space if the weather cooperates, this cold day will keep you plenty busy.
Do You Need to Rent a Tent for an Upcoming Outdoor Event?
Weddings, corporate events, and family reunions are fun events to have outside. If is always a good idea, however, to have a plan for the elements. Even a beautiful sunny day can require a tent if you want to make sure that your guests have a comfortable way to avoid the direct sunlight. In fact, the decision to rent a tent for a wedding or other event is a great idea in any kind of weather.
And while event planning is often focused on weddings, table, chair, and tent rental is also needed for many other events as well. Any time that you are planning an event that will at least partially take place outside, it is important to make sure that you have some covered spaces. Even if the weather is less than perfect, many tent and party rental companies also offer cooling fans, coiled heating towers, and, even, temporary flooring.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the tent rental industry and the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • Frame tents, including clearsapn tents, and pole tents, including tensile tents, are the two basic styles of tents that most rental companies offer.
  • The decision to buy or rent a tent includes many variables. If the tent will only be used three or four times every year, it is probably more cost efficient to rent the tent as storage is a major concern and problem for an item of this size.
  • Another advantage to renting a tent is that the set up and take down is typically included in the rental cost.
  • Polyester and vinyl are the two basic kinds of tops that are available when you rent a tent.
  • The kind of tent material available often hinges on the style of the tent that you rent.
  • Because it is durable, affordable, and strong, vinyl is often the most commonly used material.

Whether you need a backyard party tent, a corporate event tent, or a wedding tent, this should be the weekend when you get your reservations in place. With the right amount of planning on a cold winter weekend, you can be ready for any kind of outdoor summer event.

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