Space cadet costume

After the Labor Day weekend comes to a close and the last quarter of the year rolls around, we know we are about to run through a string of holidays that will bring some people together and alienate others. One group will celebrate a holiday while another group will know nothing about the importance of it.

No matter who you are in America, however, there is no reason you can’t celebrate the day where everyone is welcome to express themselves and have fun being someone else. That day, of course, is Halloween!

Halloween was brought to the United States during the 1800s by immigrants from Scotland and Ireland. Their ancestors celebrated a pagan holiday called Samhain over 2,000 years ago.

In modern-day America, what was spawned from a pagan festival has grown into a time when, once a year, people of all ages and from all walks of life will feel free to don a plus size nun costume or a Big Bird outfit and go door to door for some candy without things looking weird. Okay, it still looks weird, but that’s the point–on Halloween, the weirder you are the better.

Almost 180 million Americans celebrated Halloween in 2017 and 70% of consumers were prepared to give out candy to the Trick-or-Treaters who came their way.

It’s a really fun tradition to visit the Halloween store, pick out that plus size nun costume, werewolf wig, or baseball zombie costume and go door to door looking for the house that’s giving away full-sized chocolate bars.

Nowadays, if you would rather not go out driving somewhere for your costume, only to get all the way there to see what you wanted is sold out, there are Halloween stores online to supply you with all of your Halloween needs. Many people are beginning to shop this way for their Halloween costumes, decorations, and more and are finding it a great deal easier than fighting the crowds at the local Halloween stores that get crazy busy in the early fall.

The beauty of Halloween is that it is truly a holiday that is enjoyed by folks of all ages. Whether you’re a four-year-old Disney princess hoping to fill your bucket with sweet things or a father of four who loves putting on his plus size nun costume on the last day of October every year, Halloween has got something for everyone.

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