Many historians believe wine dates back more than 6000 years ago in the Middle East. The wines we have today likely bear little resemblance to that ancient drink. The variety in the average neighborhood liquor store should have something of interest for everyone, but for those who want to try something special at a great price may have better luck shopping online.

Can You Buy Good Wines Online (For a Reasonable Price)?

Wine can be purchased online fairly easily. However, there are two key points to know. First, your state must allow for you to receive alcohol through the mail. Some states restrict alcoholic sales in this way. Secondly, all wine sales must be signed for upon delivery. This is the company’s way of making sure that an adult 21 years or older has purchased the alcohol. Once these conditions are met, here’s how to find a few specialty wines to try.

Barolo Wines: When to Drink It.

What makes a Barolo wine? It is made from Nebbiolo grapes grown in Piedmont, Italy. A wine only qualifies as Barolo if it is made exclusively from these grapes. Nebbiolo grapes are some of the last to be harvested from the vine, usually during October, which results in a wine that is full bodied, with a certain amount of acidity and tannins.

Barolo wine sometimes is regarded as a “fancy” wine. This doesn’t mean that it cannot be enjoyed during a casual dinner with friends at all. The wine is simply aged for at least 38 months, and has what is described by wine experts as firm or juicy. This rich red wine goes great with meaty dishes that can match the full flavor of the wine.

Italian Red Wines Versus French Red Wines.

Italian red wines are made from grapes grown in Italy. French red wines are made from grapes grown in France. That is the distinction, and neither is better than the other. The flavors of the wines depends on the grapes used. What grows in Italy may not be able to flourish in France, and vice versa. Italy grows grapes that become wines such as Pino Grigio, Sangiovese, and Barolo. France grows grapes for Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon Blance, Syrah, and Pinot Noir.

Wine is such a personal preference as it relies upon each person’s palate. The best wine is the one that you enjoy drinking. Buying wines online can be convenient. Instead of standing in the wine aisle deciding on a bottle, shopping from the comfort of your home allows you to research as you buy. You are also able to price check different wine sellers for the best price.

What Is Sparkling Wine?

You can buy sparkling wine online. Now, sparkling wine is not Champagne. That is from grapes grown in a specific region of France, which is of course the region of Champagne, France. All other wines are called sparkling. If you enjoy wine, it is always a good idea to buy sparkling wine online to have on hand for impromptu celebrations with family or friends.

The U.S. experienced over $62.7 billion in wine sales in 2017 alone. By 2020, the percentage of retail wine sales is expected to increase by about 11%, and online purchases will likely contribute to that growth. It’s fairly simple to buy sparkling wine online for a big party, or a bottle of special red wine that your local liquor store doesn’t carry. You’ll just need to make sure you are home to sign for it.

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