Wine is a drink that has an incredibly long and even powerful history. As a matter of fact, the origins of wine can be traced back as many as a full 6,000 years to the Middle East, where the climate for growing wine is certainly quite ideal in many ways. In the years since, of course, wine has spread all throughout the world, including to the United States.

Here in the United States, everything from Italian red wines to rare wines to sparking wine is consumed on a regular basis. And this is a statement that is quite fully supported by the data that has been gathered on the subject. This data shows, after all, that very nearly 950 million gallons of wine were consumed all throughout the country in the year of 2016 alone. In the years since, this number has only increased. In the years, that are to come, it is only likely to keep increasing as well, especially when you consider the fact that total wine sales are expected to rise by as much as 11% in the coming year of 2020 alone.

Why is this the case? For one thing, wine is simply a great beverage to consume and appropriate for so many different situations. Relaxing with some fine French red wine after a long day of work is ideal, but this same fine French red wine can be consumed to mark an important occasion. And still others will only consume their fine French red wine with meals, as they feel that the fine French red wine in question is best when paired with food.

And there is a wine out there for just about everyone. Red wines are most popular, including that of the fine French red wine. In fact, more than 35% of the wine drinking population of the United States would prefer a red wine like a fine French red wine over any other type of wine. However, white wines still do good business, as up to 32% of all wine drinkers will select a white wine over a red when given the chance. Within these two categories of wine, there are still even more subcategories and different varieties, ranging in flavor and body by quite the immense amount. Such wines will even vary drastically when it comes to overall alcohol content to boot.

And wine, from fine french wine to barolo wines and beyond have actually been found to have a number of different health benefits to boot. These wines have been studied extensively over the years, and the conclusions are certainly quite hard to refute. For instance, drinking just two glasses of fine french red wine or other such red wines in a day can actually lower the total risk of early death by as much as a full 18% – that’s nearly by one whole fifth! Therefore, consuming a fine French red wine in a responsible manner is ideal to overall health for many people not just in the United States but all throughout the world as a whole.

On top of all of this compelling information surrounding wine, wine – even fine French red wine – has become easier to obtain than ever before. For one thing, wineries can be found in all states within this one country alone. California, known for its Mediterranean climate, has become particularly ideal for growing wine. As a matter of fact, the data gathered on the subject of wine production in the United States more than backs this up, showing that up to 90% of all wine produced in this country will be produced in the state of California.

For many people, wine can even be bought online. Purchasing wine from online retailers is really quite ideal, as you’ll likely be able to find a wider variety of wine than would otherwise be possible. Even wines like fine French red wine can easily be obtained through online wine shops. And the deals that you’ll find for such wine is not paralleled by any brick and mortar establishment. Therefore, more and more people are looking to buy wine online in some manner.

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