In this video, you will learn about doodles for sale. Being a dog breeder is not an easy task. Taking care of one puppy is a challenge, but imagine taking care of 10+ puppies all at once! This video goes through a day in the life of a dog breeder.

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The puppies will generally sleep around your sleep schedule. She does not believe in creating them, so they are in her room. They are currently five weeks old, so they are eating puppy mush. She lets them outside in the morning and gets their food prepared in the kitchen. The puppies love the puppy mush, as she calls it. Puppy mush is just dry food with warm water over it. It is also important to take good care of the dogs you are actually breeding. If they are not in good health, the puppy’s health may be compromised. Raw eggs have good benefits for your dog. Some people do not like to give their dogs raw eggs. If you are going to give your dogs raw eggs, definitely go with organic ones. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video.

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