Heat transfer vinyl is becoming a trend these days, and if you plan on getting yourself one, then hold out for a minute. Here are some essential tips on using iron on vinyl rolls for your home’s protection.

Tip 1: Avoid choosing intricate designs. It can be pretty hard to weed whenever a roll is intricately designed, while other designs are easier to weed. Try going for simpler ones.

Tip 2: Have a vinyl removing solvent. When heat pressing, when you forgot to take out some of the letters or the design, and it was already printed, a vinyl removing solvent can quickly fix those issues. This product is almost readily available in your local hardware or store, so be sure to have one as it might come in handy.

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Tip 3: Warm up your lower platen. Before weeding, it is essential to warm your lower platen up. It is also easier for iron on vinyl rolls to be weeded out of the heat press when it is warmer. It is harder to weed out your vinyl when it is cold; that’s why it is highly recommended to warm your heat press up for a couple of seconds.

Tip 4: Avoid small lettering. Although it might sound cool to experiment with your designs, dealing with small letters can be tedious and challenging. Extra-small letters can be tough to weed, so be sure to practice how small you can deal.


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