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Diamond rings come in a variety of styles so you can find the right one that’s perfect for you. One option is to go with gemstone halo rings, which offer a range of benefits over a typical diamond ring. This video will explain some of those benefits and why halo rings are excellent options.

The first benefit is that the halo provides protection for the centerpiece diamond. Different shapes of diamonds provide different levels of structural integrity. Round diamonds are less likely to be damaged or popped out of the ring, but square diamonds can benefit from a halo being placed around them.

The halo also enhances the diamond in the center of the ring. A well-proportioned halo will add to the looks of the center diamond and give your ring a fuller appearance. A halo also adds visual variety to the ring, meaning a halo ring stands out from the crowd.

When you’re getting a halo ring, make sure every stone is balanced with each other. The diamonds also need to be color matched, so you maintain a clean and uniform sparkle. For more information on halo rings and their benefits, click on the link to the video above.

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