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A Step-By-Step DIY Guide To Tuning Your Piano

Is your piano sounding a little out of tune? Are you finding it doesn’t quite sound the same when you sit down to play?

If your piano sounds like it’s a little off, that means you’re probably overdue for a tuning. When it comes to piano tuning, one option you have is to visit a piano tuner or a piano technician and have them come out and do it for you. Another option is doing it yourself. It’s a little bit of a detailed job, but if you’ve got a strong year, an eye for detail, patience and time, you can make it happen.

So if you decide to do a piano tuning yourself, here’s what you’re going to need for the job:

  • Mutes: these allow you to test out your piano’s range of sounds as well as the volume. It’s recommended that you get a variety of them.
  • Chromatic tuner: this can be a little pricey, but it’s well worth it. This helps give your piano
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