Daily Archives August 26, 2019

Why Puzzles Will Never Go Out of Style

Not very long ago, a big jigsaw puzzle would have sent any child into a frenzy. This is because it was seen as both a fun activity that could keep them busy for hours on their own, and a great game to play with family and friends. Puzzle solving stimulates the mind in a way that some newer technologies simply can not, and there is truly nothing quite as satisfying as the moment when you finally place the last piece in that big jigsaw puzzle you have been leaning over for hours.

This is a feeling shared by both children and adults alike, although modern day children seem to have started drifting away from such traditional forms of entertainment. It is a shame really, seeing how beneficial puzzles are for both the problem solving and enjoyment parts of people’s brains. Research shows that puzzles activate our brains while relaxing us psychologically, putting our brains into a meditative state. Therefore, difficult puzzles stimulate the mind even further, making for a well-r

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