Receiving a Plaque or Gift for Retirement

Many employees and other professionals, or academy graduates in many cases, will be the recipients of awards and recognition. Most often, this can be done with plaques of varying types, and such plaques may be custom engraved retirement gifts, customizable crystal plaques, or a plaque that is mounted on a wall or in a display case rather than kept personally. At any rate, a retiring business professional or police officer may greatly appreciate these custom engraved retirement gifts, and such custom engraved retirement gifts may be made from wood, brass, glass, and other attractive materials. Some custom engraved retirement gifts are meant to be kept personally, while other plaques of recognition stay public. When and why might someone receive such a gift?

Why Plaques are Received

What merits receiving a plaque of some sort? One example is when a person completes demanding training, such as for police academy graduates. This is no easy feat, so every graduate may receive

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Five Reasons Why Puzzle Building Is A Great Hobby

On a lazy, rainy day there’s nothing better than sitting down at the family coffee table and putting together puzzle. Puzzles have been around in some form since 250 B.C. and their appeal to folks of all ages have provided many hours of enjoyment.

Knocking out easy puzzles on a rainy day is obviously fun, but building puzzles can have many benefits too, especially for kids. Children who work on puzzles learn many developmental and mental skills and the benefits of puzzles include:

  • Cognitive development
  • Problem solving
  • Hand/Eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Self esteem
  • Social skills

Puzzle building can also be beneficial for adults. It keeps your mind active and studies have shown that folks building puzzles have a better quality of life and can reduce their risk of developing issues associated with mental illness. Puzzle building, whether you’re work on easy puzzles or complicated puzzles, helps your brain produc

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