What You Need to Know to Buy Tickets for a Broadway Show

Broadway shows tickets on sale

Whether you live in the New York City area or you are visiting as a tourist, there are few things more “New York” than getting Broadway play tickets. When it comes to how to buy Broadway tickets, you have a number of options. Luckily, Time Out New York has put together a list for how people can get discount show tickets.

  1. Go to TKTS. No New Yorker worth their salt is unaware of this as the way to do the Broadway buy one get one thing. In fact, for a long, long time most people who live in the area made this the main way answer to the question of

    Core Skaters Look Forward to Future Warm, Dry Weather

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We are in the midst of winter, but many of us are already looking forward to spring, warmer weather, and getting outside to enjoy the activities that we love the most. Even as people in the midwest are still dealing with the repercussions of six to 12 inches of snow, it is still possible to imagine a day, not too far in the future, when we can get back outside. To the golf courses. To the bike and running trails. To the skateboard parks.

If you are someone who has given or received an electric skateboarding gift you understand the anxiousness that many people feel as they wait for warmer weather. And while there are many indoor skateboarding opportunities available across the country, powered Next Page