Leisure hire

Long gone are the days where fun giant inflatables and inflatable games, bounce houses, and F1 simulators are restricted to big budget amusement parks and low budget, traveling carnivals. Thanks to leisure hire and party rental companies, carnival stalls, giant games, and even food stalls (think popcorn or cotton candy carts and hot dog stands) can be rented to meet your themed (or even if there is no theme) party.

Items like bouncy houses and castles, a simulator hire, karaoke machines, mobile casinos, and food and carnival stalls, can often be used for either indoor or outdoor parties. Some leisure hire companies also offer retro games and old school arcade games like Centipede, Donkey Kong, and Ms. Pac Man, just to name a few. Party supplies such as tents and canopies, chairs, place settings, lighting, dance floors, and even heaters are also often available for rent. Prices vary, of course, according to quantity, size, and region, but generally speaking, leisure hire supplies are affordable. A tent that can accommodate 16 people, for example, will cost much less than a tent that protect 720 people from natures elements! In addition, the prices offered by leisure hire companies typically include a few extras; a leisure hire companies will often deliver, assemble, set up, and then dismantle whatever leisure hire product you choose for your party.

The industry forecast looks sunny, too. In a survey conducted by a party rental industry market publication, 57 percent of respondents from the leisure hire industry predict that 2013 will reap more special events and therefore more business, compared to 2012. Sixty percent of respondents expect this increase to come from corporate and business events and private or social events. The biggest challenges in 2012, that same survey cites, was the uncertain economy. When people readjust their budgets they often cut back on luxuries like leisure hire accoutrements. As such, in anticipation of the 2013 rush, leisure hire companies are told to stock up on inventory!

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