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Are you considering a vacation in Hawaii? The Hawaiian Islands are composed of the exposed mountain tops of an undersea mountain range caleld the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain, which was formed by volcanos.

Are you planning on a Pearl Harbor visit to take a USS Missouri tour or a USS Arizona tour? You can choose from a variety of USS Missouri tours, or you can explore the USS Missouri on your own. You may decide to tour Pearl Harbor with Oahu Tours, who do guided tours of the Pearl Harbor area, educational tours, cycling tours, horse back riding trips, and small group tours of anywhere on Oahu Island, and other places you would like to go in Hawaii.

Oahu Tours are known for their small group approach for a more individualized experience. Oahu is the most populated of all the Hawaiian islands, and is home to approximately 75% of the Hawaii population. Oahu tour company guides are very knowledgeable who can tell you volumes about the history and culture of the island. Before you go with them or other touring companies to participate in a USS Missouri tour or tour the USS Arizona, you may want to read up on the USS Arizona and USS Missouri tour itinerary, and on USS Missouri and USS Arizonia history for a more enriching Pearl Harbor experience.

You do not have to be a history buff to be stunned by some of the events that ocurred on these ships. On December 7, 1941, 1,777 crewmen from the USS Arizona lost their lives. The ship is their final resting place. The USS Arizona shipmates were not just comrades, 37 sets of brothers were assigned to the ship on Decemebr 7, and many of them died on the same day.

For all the fatalities of the Pearl Harbor disaster, the USS Misourri never had a death as the result of combat on her decks.

Wheteher you take a USS Missouri tour, or cycle around Oahu, or just want to lie on the beach, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and popular vacation spots where you can relax, learn another culture, and enjoy life. Start planning your Ouha island tour today!

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