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Unless you have been to Hawaii you might not know that there is a lot more to the Islands than sun, sand, and the cerulean ocean. Although Hawaii has all of those things, it also is the lands of huge volcanic mountains, the Pearl Harbor Memorial, and the famous Dole plantation tours.

When tourists are planning Oahu tours, they all have to plan some time on the glorious beaches. But it they also have to take advantage of as many of the other places and sites to visit and see while on their Oahu tours. After all, it is possible to experience the sun and sand in a lot of different places; but there is only one Pearl Harbor and only one Hawaii!

Since its exotic location and tropical climate are the things that attract the majority of Hawaiian tourists, there are several different types of tours. Whether your looking for large or small group tours, educational discovery tours of adults, or tours of specific places like the popular USS Arizona tours.

Besides its palm trees, ocean, and famous beaches, Pearl Harbor has become one of the popular stops for Hawaiian tourists. Although the tragedy that lead to more than 1,100 American serviceman remaining in their watery graves is difficult for many people to comprehend, the history and experience is impossible to describe. This is why the Pearl Harbor Memorial was created, to help Americans to understand what happened on December 7, 1941.

While the Pearl Harbor Memorial commemorates one of the biggest national tragedies in American history, there is also a lot of fun and excitement to have in Hawaii. Thus, it is always a good idea to end your Oahu tours with some fun on the sunning Hawaiian beaches. For more, read this link:

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