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Have you ever thrown an event and come up short on seating? Maybe you’ve had a backyard party rained out and no tent to shelter your guests. If you’ve encountered these situations or other party disasters, you’re not alone. However, you also may not have known the best kept secret of the event planning industry: hiring a party and event rentals company to provide you with party rental equipment for your celebration.

From weddings to street festivals and family reunions to birthday parties, any type of event, large or small, can benefit from using party rental equipment. These items can help provide shelter and comfort for your guests, and in some cases, it helps with the entertainment and atmosphere, too. If you’re not sure about your party rental options, however, here are some items that you might need from a rental company.

Table and Chair Rentals
Tables and chairs are, of course, essential to holding many types of events, especially those involving food. Giving your guests a comfortable place to eat and socialize is key to being a great host. Make sure you know your approximate guest count when you order your rental chairs and tables. When in doubt, however, it’s always best to overestimate. (You know, just in case your great aunt Marge shows up announced.)

Table Linen Rentals
For events that require a touch of class, such as a wedding, for instance, it’s essential to have all the right accessories in all the right colors. Wedding decor is often chosen by the bride, so she can have everything coordinate with her gown, her bridesmaids’ dresses, and other items. In this case, purple is the most popular color, but you can have just about any color for your table linens for a wedding or other event. Wedding decoration rentals can also be coordinated with your linens.

Tent Rentals
If it rains on the day of your outdoor event, guests won’t want to sit outside and get soaked. Having a tent to cover you and your guests is a great defense against any weather “surprises.” Additionally, it can also shield you from the sun.

Entertainment Rentals
Need a dance floor? There’s a good chance that you can rent one! Some rental companies also have other entertainment options, so things like family reunions or birthday parties can have a more carnival-like atmosphere. Equipment can vary depending on the rental company, so it’s best to ask about your entertainment options up front if this is a necessity.

Have you ever used party rental equipment before? Tell us about your experience in the comments section. Check out this site for more.

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