St. louis party bus rental

Whether it is, in part, to cope with the somewhat depressing job market or simply to have fun, the fact remains that millennials are drinking more wine than ever. “The Millennial generation, which includes the youngest legal drinkers, is consuming more wine than previous generations when they turned 21, and the industry is taking note,” Fox News writes. What is one of the best — and least expected — ways to do it?

Want To Tour Wineries or Breweries Without Worrying About A Designated Driver?

Renting a party bus gives millennials (and other generations!) the option of touring wineries and breweries, with the additional convenience of not having to worry about parking or a designated driver. Bus rentals for parties or tours include a long lists of luxury amenities, including leather seating, a dance floor, a quality sound system, and high-end fiber optic lighting. Some models and packages may also include a dining area, stocked bar, or, for buses holding larger numbers of passengers, even a bathroom (or bathrooms) conveniently located right on board.

Luxury Bus Rentals: Know What To Expect

Of course, there are certain things millennials and others should carefully think about before renting a bus. Keep in mind that bus rental prices may vary. For example, you are likely to get a better deal when fewer people are renting buses. In other words, buses may be even more affordable Monday through Thursday. Some companies also offer special promotions or limited time offers on bus rental prices. Costs may also depend on the amenities and/or package, distance traveled, event date, event times, or even the number of passengers. Know some companies may require a dress code of some sort, usually to protect valuable and quality hardwood flooring.

What is the best way to drink wine or enjoy craft beer? One of the best ways is renting a party bus, dancing with friends and family, and not worrying about transportation or parking. Read more about this topic at this link.

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