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When more people are tuning in to online videos than ever before — YouTube alone gets approximately four billion page views in an average day — creating video marketing content to connect audiences with your brand is proving to be effective and popular with both marketers and web users.

However, it’s still possible for web video productions to get lost among the daily influx of video content online if the right marketing techniques aren’t followed.

Looking for more views, likes and shares of your business’ online marketing videos? Here are three things you should be doing to grow your audience:

Keep it short and sweet

With an online video, studies have shown that you have just 10 seconds on average to grab a user’s attention before they go elsewhere. Knowing this, it’s essential to make sure each video your brand creates is immediate, attention-grabbing and memorable. It’s also a good idea to keep the duration of your video marketing content to about 90 seconds or less in length — any longer, and users’ attention will likely stray elsewhere. For each 30 seconds of video, you will lose about a third of your viewers. Say what you need to say, and then wrap the video up succinctly.

Know your target audience

Understanding your brand’s target audience is an integral part of making sure they can connect with the video content you produce. Tone, message and theme are all important things to consider when brainstorming ideas for a video. When audiences connect with a video, they’ll share it with their friends and comment on it, building buzz for your brand in the process.

Be a consistent, trustworthy source of content and information

Regularly providing new, fresh content is just as important for video marketing as it is with traditional text content. Make sure your brand puts out a new video advertisement at least once a month to keep the online community interested in what’s happening at your business or company.

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