Party bus rental st. louis

The traditional bachelorette party includes cake, tiaras and suggestively shaped straws. But if you’re looking to give a friend a slightly more unique sendoff into married life, there are plenty of options you might consider — and not all of them have to center on visits from scantily clad fake police officers, despite what TV might have led you to believe. Here are three ideas that might be more appropriate for some brides:

  1. High Adventure

    Not all brides are into high heels or late nights. For a more adventure-oriented bride, choose a fun outdoor activity so everyone can get some fresh air and the wedding party can work out any pre-event jitters. If not everyone in the party would be comfortable with something like bungee jumping, you can check out equally exciting — but perhaps less harrowing — options such as a trampoline park. Just be sure that all safety precautions are in place so no accidents mar the wedding day.

  2. Luxury Bus Rentals

    If the bride is a bit of a party girl, then renting a party bus can perfectly balance out concerns of fun, convenience and safety. The driver provided by the bus rental company will eliminate the need for designated drivers, and avoiding parking fees will help to balance out bus rental costs. One advantage luxury bus rentals have over limo rentals, too, is that they can fit the entire party in one vehicle so the bride can celebrate with all her friends at the same time. For a more refined twist on the same basic idea, you might consider winery tours and tastings, rather than hopping from club to club.

  3. Girly Sleepovers

    For a more low-key bride, what could be better than recreating a middle-school sleepover? Make sure everyone brings their goofiest pajamas, and set up activities such as makeovers, glamorous photoshoots and karaoke. When it’s time to settle down and get some rest (after all, no one wants dark circles under their eyes for the big day), an ’80s or ’90s classic is the perfect movie choice. Make sure you have plenty of snacks, too, but be mindful of salty treats that could lead to bloating and less-than-perfect skin for the next morning.

What else would make for a fun bachelorette party? Share your ideas in the comments.

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