Motorized longboards

You may have picked up skateboarding as a kid and then eventually moved away from it as you got older. Alternatively, you may still use a skateboard to get around or enjoy hitting the skate park on the weekends. Either way, almost everyone has seen a skateboard or been on one at least once in their lives. There are around 500 skate parks in the country and the United States is responsible for over half of the skateboarding market! The skateboard electric has helped get even more people into skateboarding, with things like a motorized skateboard or an electric skateboard making them a little easier to use. For people who use skateboards as a means of transportation, a skateboard electric can be a great and simple way to get around, if you’re not keen on driving or biking.

Who Skateboards and Where Do They Get Their Boards?
Around 11 million people say that they like to skateboard on a regular basis. Skateboarders tend to be male — with over 75% of all skaters being male and over 80% of “core skaters” being male. Core skaters are those who skate at least 26 times or more a year, versus a casual skater, who only skates between one to 25 times a year. Comparatively, just under 24% of all skaters are female and just over 15% are considered “core skaters.”

Interestingly enough, the majority of skateboarders (almost 80%) prefer to purchase their skateboards at small specialty brands, versus getting them from top name brands that are available on the market. Indeed, just over 3% of skateboard sales happen at sporting good stores.

Although the common image of a skateboarder is a young, rebellious youth, that image has shifted in recent years and more people are embracing skateboarding as a way to get around and longboarding, a related activity, has grown popular recently.

What’s the Difference Between a Skateboard Electric and a Regular Skateboard?

An electric skateboard is essentially the same thing as a regular skateboard, only an electric skateboard comes with a motor, battery, and a remote control with which to operate the board.

You get more speed with an electric skateboard than you would with a regular skateboard — which relies on your momentum and exertion to keep it going — and there tends to be increased safety with these types of skateboards as well. For one thing, you can move at the same speed as traffic, get momentum going up hills, and brake while going down — almost impossible on a regular skateboard.

It’s also simpler to ride than a regular skateboard — and may be a good option if you’re trying to graduate to a regular board. The electric skateboard will let you get the hang of being on a skateboard before graduating to pushing off and controlling your board when you move down hills. Furthermore, it’s easier to keep your balance!

You can purchase an electric powered skateboard, but it’s also possible to convert a regular skateboard into a skateboard electric as well!

How to Be Safe on an Electric Skateboard

While electric skateboards are a bit safer than regular skateboards, there are still safety guidelines that you need to follow and be aware of, in order to keep yourself from getting hurt. Never ride without your helmet and pads — if you fall or crash, these can be crucial in keeping you safe. If you’re riding at night, wear reflective gear and bright colors, so that cars can see you coming.

You should also check your skateboard before getting on it, to make sure that everything’s working as it should and that nothing is cracked or loose. Be aware of your surroundings — if the road is wet or gravelly, for example, you may want to get off your skateboard. Pay attention to traffic and pedestrians around you. And always follow the rules of the road!

If you’ve always been interested in skateboarding or want a simpler way to get around, consider getting an electric skateboard to try out. It’s a fun, environmentally friendly option that’s much easier to store than a car or a bike.

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