Workplace decorations

Perhaps not everyone would consider themselves to be a connoisseur of art, but certainly there is some form of art that is able to speak to every single person. You may not know the difference between the art styles of some of the most famous, notable, or renowned artists of yesteryear or of the modern age, but there are things that catch your eye, make you smile, or draw out of you a gasp of admiration. In this busy world that seems to constantly bombard us with information, images, and general chaos, it is reassuring to know that there is also a high volume of art, of all sorts, to bring us back and help center us.

From the art hung on library walls to hotel lobby design ideas that pop, to art in the workplace and art that you want in your home, the beauty that we find and that speaks to us the loudest is where we should be focusing the majority of our attention. There are several benefits to be found in having art spread throughout your life, and you may just find that when you start paying attention to the art around you, your overall mood and quality of life will be better and brighter.

Hotel lobby design ideas that catch your eye

If you travel a lot, or otherwise find yourself in hotels often, you will likely notice that there is a theme to the interior design. No matter how that hotel is designed, from the carpet to lobby seating to the color schemes, there is almost always some artwork of some kind to be found to complement it all. Whether it is framed paintings and photography or decorative sculptures, the art design of the place is meant to put out a certain feel or vibe. Different hotels will have different types of art, but in general, hotel lobby design ideas are often backed by the motivation to make guests feel comfortable and at ease. This is, after all, your home for the night or weekend. You want to feel at home. And what better way than conjuring pleasant emotions with sophisticated artwork?

From hotels to the home, workplace, and more

Hotels are not the only places you will find art. Many public buildings will feature different artists or themes, in order to elicit different feelings, often stemming from comfort. There are many benefits of having art everywhere. Benefits of art in hospitals include stress relief and inducing feelings of calm, healing, and reassurance. Benefits of art in the workplace also include stress relief and calming effects, but it has been shown that it also boosts productivity. In fact, one study showed that individuals who were working in spaces that were decorated were actually about 17% more productive than those who worked in spaces that were not.

The vast majority of respondents in one survey, at 94%, agreed that art enriches the workplace in a welcoming manner, and 61% said that, on top of generating that welcoming atmosphere, it also stimulates creativity, a vital ingredient for productivity.

Art just has a way of speaking to us in certain ways. One study conducted by the University of London showed that there was a 10% increase of blood flow to the joy response center of the brain when individuals viewed a painting that they found to be beautiful. This response is very similar, if not identical, to the response that one has when looking at a loved one. We speak to each other through art, and art has a way of connecting us to those emotions and feelings that we too often shrug off or don’t acknowledge. Art keeps us in touch with ourselves and with each other, whether it is through hotel lobby design ideas or a prominently featured painting in the workplace.

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