Planning a large event, such as a wedding or even just a huge birthday party, can be an incredibly stressful thing to do. After all, event planning involves many different things, none of which can be forgotten about or really even avoided. When planning an event, being thorough is incredibly important, and everything from what food is served to the color of the plates used is something to be considered.

Where the event is hosted is, perhaps, one of the most important aspects of event planning of all. It makes sense, of course, as the event planners in question will need to find not only a space that can host the number of people who are invited, but that is hugely affordable as well. This can be difficult, especially in the case of larger events, as large venues are often quite expensive. Fortunately, during periods of warmer weather, using a tent rental service can provide a viable alternative to renting what is perhaps a more traditional venue.

A tent rental service is likely to provide tents for all occasions, from wedding tents for rent to tents on a much smaller scale that would be ideal for the typical birthday party and the like. But why use a tent rental service instead of just buying one? At the end of the day, it all depends on how frequently this tent will actually be used. If a tent rental service is only needed for one big event – or even just a few of them over the course of a year, up to four – renting is by and large the more cost effective option. However, frequent tent users might find that it is ultimately better to buy a tent of their own, though this is likely not to be the case for most who are in need of any given tent rental service here in the United States.

But there are more considerations for renting a tent from a tent rental service than many people realize, simply due to the fact that there are more types of tents out there than people actually realize in the first place. For instance, the top of the tent is something that will need to be considered, as tent tops as provided by any given tent rental service are likely to come with some variety. Though tent tops are typically made of either polyester or vinyl, most will actually be made from vinyl, which is both inexpensive as well as incredibly durable and long lasting.

Of course, you’ll also need a tent that accommodates the number of guests who will likely be attending, as tents come in all sizes. The typical wedding, which has, on average, a total of 136 guests, is likely to need a bigger tent. Smaller events, on the other hand, will certainly need smaller tents and a larger tent would actually be a huge waste of money. However, the events that go on during the event in question will also dictate the space that is needed, as this will determine what actually needs to go inside of the tent acquired from any given tent rental service (aside from, of course, the people who are attending the event).

For instance, if a wedding ceremony is taking place inside of a tent and cathedral type seating is needed, as many as six square feet should be allotted for each and every person who attends. Weddings also typically serve a meal and if this is also planned to take place inside of the tent, a certain amount of space will need to be set aside for this as well, as serving food can take up quite a bit of space in and of itself. In such cases, to be more specific, at least 12 square feet should be allotted for each and every person, likely including the waitstaff as well. However, using rectangular tables instead of round ones can help to save some space, and in such cases only around ten square feet will be needed for each guest attending the event that’s in question.

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