Most events take place indoors in a building, but a party, wedding reception (or even the ceremony), corporate meeting, and others might take place outdoors if the weather allows it. But this doesn’t have to mean that everyone is right under the hot sun or exposed to the potential for rain. Instead, a tent rental company can provide a large, quality tent to act as a sort of light building, and party rentals are bound to include a tent of the right size and color. A charity dinner or wedding reception meal requires table and chair rental as well, and table and chair rental is possible from a different sort of company. There will be some logistics to handle for table and chair rental, but if everything is done just right, the event will be ready to launch. The planners of an outdoor wedding reception or a charity meal may make some basic but important calculations for tent size and table and chair rental, and they may also choose the aesthetics of all these items at their leisure. How might this work?

Square Footage

When event organizers are getting ready to set everything up, they must be aware that many aspects of the party supplies are connected to one another, and there’s a pattern to follow. For a large event taking place in a huge rented tent, the first step is to add up the total number of people who will be there. This may mean finalizing and then counting up the guest list for a wedding or similar event, and some such events may be bigger than others. The guest list could vary from 50 to 300, or possibly even larger or smaller than that. In any case, having this final, solid number of guests is the important first step to take. In some event types such as a charity meal, it may be a good idea to build in some slack; that is, err on the side of caution and assume that the final guest list may be larger due to unexpected arrivals. This may be a matter of discretion.

With a finalized guest count, the event planners may now figure out the type, size, and number of chairs and tables to use. Some tables are square or circular and may seat four to 10 people or so, while others are long, rectangular tables that may seat many more. The size and type of tables may be dictated by the event type. A charity meal may call for longer tables, and wedding receptions tend to make use of several smaller, circular tables instead. The tables may be arranged so that there is adequate room between them, with more total open space needed for a collection of many, smaller tables.

Once the table size, number, and arrangement is determined, the next step is chairs. This may be simpler to calculate, being based on the total guest list and the arrangement of tables. The tricky part of chair arrangement is making room for chairs to slide out and away from the table so that people can sit and get back up. This may be done for many chairs, including those that might slide toward each other. With all this in mind, table and chair rental is possible, and the event hosts may find wooden tables of the right type, and the chairs too. Some rented chairs might have fabric or leather padding on them, too.

The Tent

The final arrangement of chairs and tables will determine how many square feet are being occupied, and in what shape, such as a square or a bulky rectangle. This square footage is an important reference for tent rental, since a too-small tent can’t hold everyone and a too-large one is a waste of money. The renters may visit local tent rental companies and find one that’s not only the right size, but also in good condition. This requires a personal visit to look over a tent’s quality and check for rips, holes, stains, or any other issues. Some tents may even come with extra features, such as fabric walls that can be attached, complete with transparent plastic windows for light. The tent may then be rented for the event.

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