Art is good for our health. So much so, in fact, we immediately notice something is off when we don’t have it.

All you have to do is think to your own life to more deeply understand the benefits. Walking into a drab, undernourished building leaves us feeling uneasy. A home that doesn’t have our own personal touch can increase feelings of restlessness or hopelessness. Psychology and art are deeply intertwined, so it’s not small wonder why so many industries today use art to heal. Artwork for hospitals, assisted living facilities, and hotel guests are just a few of the types you can look into when decorating your building.

Where does psychology end and art begin? Explore the nature of the human psyche below and learn about the good art in your hotel can do.

The Benefits Of Art For Seniors

Few people want to live in a washed-out, dull environment. Artwork for healthcare facilities thrives on creating feelings of pleasantness and relaxation, with a focus on pastel colors and gentle imagery. These can then be combined with other features — such as plants — for a more well-rounded impact. The Cleveland Clinic released a study, finding that more than 60% of patients reported a reduction in stress thanks to the hospital’s contemporary art collection. This coincides with a University Of London study in 2011, where blood flow increased by 10% to the ‘joy response’ part of the brain.

Encouraging Luxury With Art In Your Hotel

Where else can you reap the benefits of beautiful artwork? Hotel art consultation is a dynamic field that responds to the ever changing trends of new visitors. Travelers, no matter the destination, always want to retreat somewhere beautiful and charming. Art in your hotel hung on the walls or tucked into corners creates an organic feel that blends well into a busy lifestyle. Consider how many more people will want to stay longer when you improve the appearance of art in your hotel rooms.

Choosing Art For The Workplace For Productivity

Yes, artwork can even go so far as to make work a little easier. A study found that people who work or visit enriched spaces saw notable boosts in productivity, as much as 20% higher than usual. Art in the workplace functions by addressing key challenges, including reducing stress, increasing creativity, and encouraging expressions of opinions. This goes for both employees choosing their type of art and businesses creating a more well-designed office space. A survey asked workers about their thoughts on the health benefits of art, with an overwhelming 95% of respondents believing it makes the workplace more welcoming.

Creating A Healing Environment For Patients

It’s rare to come across a clinic or hospital that isn’t furnished in some way. The often stressful nature of the medical field makes beautiful paintings and decorative plants all the more vital. The Arts and Health Alliance did a survey of nearly 130 medical centers back in 2013, finding more than half of them offered arts programming at patient bedsides. Another 40% had regularly rotating art exhibitions, as well, and would commission paintings and sculptures. When you want to enjoy the benefits of carefully structured artwork, an art consultant can meet you halfway.

Practical Tips When Working With A Fine Art Consultant

Finding the right art for your hotel or clinic can take a little work. You need to find the right color schemes, subject matter, and placement to get the full range of benefits. A common rule-of-thumb for budgeting turn-key art services is around 2% of your construction budget — this is a very small percentage of the cost when you stack it up to the benefits you and your visitors will receive. A hotel lobby decor specialist can take a walk through your building and figure out which areas seem to be lacking. You can commission original work or choose from a catalog, whichever suits your tastes best.

Beautiful art makes a beautiful business. Consider art for your hotel next time you’re worried about bringing in more visitors.

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