For many musicians, there’s nothing quite like the sound of a piano. After all, musicians like Ray Charles, Norah Jones, Chopin and Elton John to name a few have endeared themselves in popular culture due to their piano prowess.

There’s no doubt that the sound of a piano is absolutely beautiful. It sounds that way because it’s a complex instrument with a lot of inner workings. There are more than 200 strings on the average piano and each of them has a different pitch. That’s to say nothing of the other parts of a piano.

Perhaps you have a piano at home and you have fond memories of family gatherings where everyone sat around the piano and sang songs. But maybe your prized piano has seen better days. Maybe some of the keys stick when you sit down to play or maybe you’re missing some keys altogether. Maybe there are signs of wear all over. Maybe the overall sound of the piano isn’t the greatest.

That’s where piano restoration services come in. Piano restoration prevent serious damage to a piano and the need for serious piano repairs. piano restoration services can have your piano up and running. It’ll almost be like you’re getting reacquainted with an old friend.

If you’ve got an older piano that’s in rough shape, don’t fret. For many piano restoration shops, older pianos are easier to restore because they are of higher decorative quality and built with higher quality wood compared to today’s modern pianos.

But what all is involved in piano restoration? Much like piano tuning and general piano repair, it requires a good deal of precision by a piano technician. Restoring a piano can include the following:

  • Refinishing the cabinet
  • Retuning the piano
  • A thorough inspection of the piano
  • Replacement and re-stringing of all the piano strings
  • Replacement of the tuning pins
  • Replacement or repair of the piano’s soundboard
  • Replacing or repairing the ivory keytops
  • Replacement of the hammer shanks and flanges
  • Replacement of the whippens
  • Repair or replacement of the keyboard
  • Rebuilding the action
  • Replacement of the tuning block

Pianos require proper maintenance to keep functioning correctly and at optimum levels. With proper piano restoration, your piano will be returned to its original sound and original beauty. You’ll have brand new or newly repaired parts, so your piano will sound as good as you remember from those family gatherings. Think of piano restoration as an investment; one that will give you hours of enjoyment and one that will allow you to pass your piano down as a cherished family heirloom.

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