About one of every four people waits until the last minute to by gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays. For those people, they’ll likely have to settle for whatever they can find at the local pharmacy or convenience store. That may be OK if you are just looking for cheap stocking stuffers, but finding a meaningful gift for a special person requires some planning. When you leave yourself some time and plan, you have more options to buy gifts, including buying online, which can give you several advantages.

One of the biggest benefits of shopping for gifts online is saving money. Online retailers have lower overhead, which allows them to sell their items for less. That means that even with shipping costs, you are likely to get items for at least 10% less than what they would cost you in a store. Saving money on cheap gifts online might allow you to buy more gifts overall or buy a bigger gift instead of relying on tiny gifts.

Another big advantage of online shopping is the convenience. Though you have to plan ahead a little bit, you don’t spend hours out in the stores, battling the crowds and having to maneuver in bad weather. You can simply sit in the comfort of your home or use free time at work, a doctor’s appointment or some other event where you might otherwise waste your time.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to buying your special gifts online is the vast array of choices. Whether you are looking for unique gifts online or just a better price on something you can buy in a store, you will have better choices from an online retailer. Unlike physical stores, which are limited to the inventory they can hold at their location, online retailers employ an on-demand system, and can get an item within a day or two, which allows them to offer a much wider variety of products, which allows you to find more unique gifts online.

Online sales only made up about 7% of all sales in 2015, but they were expected to be double that by 2020. Convenience, price and range of options are among the many reasons that people are turning more and more to online retailers to buy their gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions.

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