Many farms provide fall hours of operation to offer special activities for kids, harvest items, and fun stuff for people of all ages to enjoy. You can go pumpkin picking, harvest your own apples, purchase farm-fresh items and crafts, or even go on a hayride at many farms that cater to visitors.

Fall Hours of Operation

Family farms of all types provide special fall hours of operation and various farm activities. You can go apple picking to get the essential ingredient for homemade apple pie, visit the pumpkin patch, or pick up something from the farm bakery. It only takes about two pounds of apples to make a standard, 9-inch pie. As far as autumn activities go, visiting a farm is a memorable, great experience for people of all ages.

Speaking of ingredients for pie, you can go pumpkin picking at most farms during fall hours of operation. Most people say pumpkin is one of their favorite types of pie. In one survey, 47 percent of people chose apple at their favorite, while 37 percent said they like pumpkin best. Another 32 percent said chocolate cream was their most-liked flavor.

Pumpkin picking during fall is a very American tradition. They’ve been grown in North America for about 5,000 years, which is a very long long time. Though they’re mostly water (about 90 percent), a single pumpkin can provide all the filling you need for a pumpkin pie made from scratch. Pumpkins range in size from less than a pound to over 1,000 pounds. The ideal time to go pumpkin picking is in October when they’re bright orange in color.

Fall Farm Activities

Most people like fall the best, according to surveys. In one, 29 percent of Americans said they prefer autumn over the other three seasons. During the fall, farms provide special hours of operation for visitors who want to come enjoy the hayrides and fall fun. You can also go shopping for arts and crafts, enjoy a wine tasting, or feast on homemade apple donut treats and other made-from-scratch items. Spend a day on a farm in the fall, and you’ll be surprised by all the things you can do, taste, and see.

Enjoying the Autumn Season

Crisp weather. Colorful leaves. Big pumpkins. A festive feeling in the air. There’s something about fall that makes you feel alive and makes you want to have fun. The weather is going to turn cold and ugly soon, so fall is your last chance for many months to get outside and enjoy nature. Visiting a farm during fall hours of operation is a great way to enjoy all the different elements of the season. Fall is about the harvest, and that makes it a great time to enjoy nature. In fact, until about 5,000 years ago the season of autumn was known as “harvest.”

Go harvest some fun for yourself at a farm this fall, and go have some fun in a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard, or a country store.

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