Cute little gifts are a great way to show your co-workers that you care. Nearly 60% of people surveyed by UGiftIdeas stated that gifts make relationships meaningful. In 2017, 79% of shoppers in the United States admitted to buying gifts online. The amount of online shoppers is slated to grow. From 2016 to 2020, online sales are expected to double. If you’re trying to find something for a co-worker, these cute little gifts will do the trick.

USB vacuum

Getting rid of the dust on keyboards is difficult for anyone. If left unattended, dust can make typing rough during a busy work session. Fortunately, an USB vacuum removes dust in no time. This vacuum powers up through the computer’s USB slot. The device gets all the hard to find dust hiding underneath the keys. This can also be used to clean up crumbs on the desk.

Desktop zen garden

Based out of Japan, zen gardens bring peace through its unique landscape. Rocks, water, and bushes combine for a tranquil experience. A desktop zen garden is perfect for those looking for some serenity while working. Most desktop zen gardens are the size of a notebook.

Tiny Uno cards

Uno is one of the easiest card games to play. You match the number, symbol, or color until you have one card in your hand. The game is so popular, official Uno tournaments are being held worldwide. Tiny Uno cards are great for a quick game among co-workers during lunch. With four decks in a pack, backups will be on hand. With enough skill, your co-worker might be next in line for the Uno world championship.

Mini horseshoes kit

While horseshoes is an ancient game, many people still enjoy it today. In the game, people throw horseshoes towards a stake to gain points. Bring the fun of horseshoes to the office with a mini horseshoes kit. This version is quick to set up and won’t leave a mess on the desk.

Tiny glasses

If your co-worker constantly drinks soda and juice at the office, tiny glasses are perfect for their drinks. Drinking out of glasses is healthier than using plastic bottles. Most soda and juice bottles are covered in chemicals. By giving them glasses, you’re also preventing your co-worker from being sick.

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